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Batsumi Training Translations

Batsumi’s Core business —Training



To develop and empower all sectors in the spheres of education, economic enterprise and health, resulting in the eradication of crime, poverty and HIV/AIDS, through the provision and development of the relevant skills and tools, which adds value to staff and youth development for long term sustainability.



We will strive to be part of community driven entities intervention playing a role of implementing tangible strategies, investing in human mind (skills) development, positive attitude and well-being of the society.



Professionalism, Accuracy, Current and Value for money



- To empower workers and communities from various sectors with relevant skills through skills development. - To empower workers and community members with relevant skills and information on dealing with issues of health. - To empower employers and employees on the importance of good relations in the workplace and stigma reduction. - To empower the community with sustainable information and skills on environmental safety and sustainability. - To Translate reading materials (manuals, pamphlets,booklets etc) for equal opportunity purposes. - To conduct motivational speaking on HIV for purpose of empowering infected and affected individuals with positive outlook of the disease.


Training in progress